Marcel Punt (formerly known as Henrico Stewen) works as an organist, choral conductor, and organ teacher. He holds a Soloist Diploma in the Performance of Organ Music from the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2009 Punt received the Doctor of Music degree from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. His doctoral thesis The Straube Code: Deciphering the Metronome Marks in Max Reger’s Organ Music has received worldwide recognition (revised edition HERE). In 2011 his first CD with music by Max Reger was awarded the prestigious Echo Klassik. Punt's CDs can be purchased at the SHOP.

Marcel Punt's CV is available for download HERE (versions in Dutch, English, Finnish, German, and Swedish).

Marcel Punt at the Walcker Organ of Riga Cathedral

Marcel Punt at the Walcker Organ of Riga Cathedral

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